Hyphenated Homemades Bar Soaps

Hyphenated Homemades Bar Soaps

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From the Creator: "I started making soap when I was having some skin trouble while pregnant with my 3rd baby 👶🏼 (being pregnant is hard). I started with the Honey-Oat and have been making a variety for of soaps for my family since then. And now I’m sharing them with you!"

🍯 Honey-Oat Soap Bar is made with oats, honey, milk, and Shea butter to calm and nourish your skin. Essential oils are added to help sooth!
🖤 Charcoal Soap is made with activated charcoal, aloe, and skin supporting essential oils. Charcoal is naturally anti-bacterial and can help improve overall skin complexion. Aloe is soothing, helps reduce inflammation, and can calm dry skin.

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