Hyphenated Homemades Whipped Body Butter

Hyphenated Homemades Whipped Body Butter

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Our whipped body butter is full of skin loving, hydrating oils sure to leave your skin feeling silky, soft, and smooth.

Choose from the scents below.

1. Southern Joy - Floral, citrus blend topped with dried petals that’ll make you feel like you’re taking a stroll through a southern garden 🌺
2. Vanilla Vacation - Like sitting on the beach with a lime in your drink 🏖
3. Lavender and Sage - Calming and relaxing 💜
4. Calendula
5. Luxe Lemon - Three different lemon oils make this divinely lemony. 🍋
6. Coffee & Creme
7. Summer of Love - to make you feel like your in the middle of Woodstock with a blend of patchouli, orange, and sandalwood ☮️ 
8. Belly Love - for those areas that need a little extra love when bodies are making babies

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